Tuesday, October 17, 2017


MY BUCKET LIST: 5 things I want to do before I am 30

Have you ever thought of what you have to do before you die? Things that are not essential for you to live, but if you achieved them, they would satisfy you the most. To be honest, I haven’t thought about them. I have probably ever said, “I need to do this sometime”, but I’ve never made a list. Now I have to do it, to write 5 things I want to do before I’m 30… but 30 feel so, so, so far and different!

1.     The first thing I want to do is writing and publishing a book. I want it to be personal and self-made, so I think that I will recollect some poems and short texts written during my life, sharing my feelings and thoughts in a way that I absolutely love.
2.     I want to live one year abroad, doing an Erasmus or just move to a new city. I would love to live such an amazing experience like that. I would have the chance of discovering new places, changing my daily life, meeting people and learning things about other cultures.
3.     I have to add to this list learning and being able to talk at least 5 different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German and French. The reason is that I love communication and I think that it is essential for me to live, so I want to be able to communicate and talk to as many people as I can.
4.     I also want to help people in some way, no matter if it is volunteering, teaching, or donating blood. It’s like I want to contribute my grain of sand to do something about the people who don’t have as many facilities as we got and try to help them giving facilities.
5.     Finally travelling and discovering all the places I can, because there are many unbelievable places in Earth that I need to visit sometime such as India, Japan, Canada, Brazil… I really want to discover these countries and their hidden but magic places.
I want to do more things in my life, but I really don’t know which ones! I don’t think I can plan all of my life and follow this “plan” always. However, I listed some of my goals in life. I have to say that I’ve already accomplished some of them and lived some of the best moments ever, but I have a lot to do since now.

I’ll save this writing to check if I achieve my goals in 15 years!

Maria Maroto Amigó

Thursday, October 12, 2017



The best match I’ve ever been to was three years

ago in Camp Nou, it was a match between Barça and Getafe.

I went to the match with a placard of TER STEGEN.

When I arrived at Camp Nou I saw a lot of people in the grandstands. When the Barça goalskeeper started the warm up exercises all the people started to shout.

I took my placard and all the people were asking to me what was the meaning of the placard because it was in German.

The placard said “ TER STEGEN wir lieben dich” that means that we love him.

When Ter Stegen finished the warm up, he came to me and gave his gloves to me. All the people in my zone came to me to take some photos with the gloves. I thought if I allowed them to take photos and I allowed them.

When I arrived in my house I saw a video of me on TV.



Ideal society
In the last five days, we’ve been spectators of a pathetic show that has amazed the global press. In our country there’s a majority who want to vote (if you don’t believe me, just check the results of the last Catalan elections and the political position of each party regarding the referendum) if our nation has to become independent from Spain. Our government, with a secessionist absolute majority (72 seats out of 135), convened the referendum for the first of October of this year. What happened next was simply surrealist. Almost 900 people who wanted to vote peacefully, including children, women and old people, were brutally injured by the Spanish paramilitary police. All this happened in, according to the EU or the USA, an example of democracy in Western Europe. Soon I realized that we don’t live in an ideal society. So, I asked to myself with sadness and hope: How would an ideal society look like?

 I don’t want to build on this paper a utopian society which would be unnatural for human’s behaviour. I just want to draw a better society than the one we have nowadays in our country and, to do that, I would focus in the two main points in a society: the economical and the political system.

 Spain is an economic miracle of capitalism; in the 60s and 70s Spain transformed its economy from a backward one in Europe to a developed world’s economy focused on industry and tourism. Catalonia is the industrial centre of Spain and since the Olympic Games of Barcelona it has become one of the world major centres of tourism, technology and globalization. Despite this, Spain suffers from the main problems of the wild capitalism it practices: an extremely high unemployment and a widening gap between rich people and poor people, which is destroying the middle class, an important characteristic of a prosperous society.

 To solve this, Spain has to change its oligarchic-based economy (ÍBEX 35) and its wild capitalist practices. To change our oligarchic economic system we can be inspired by Germany, which promotes little businesses and start-ups that empower people and make them more productive. Additionally, a dense business ecosystem, like the German one, relaxes the state funds and investments in employment, which are mainly done by these little businesses which compete with each other in a prosperous competitive and very productive economy. The result? Germany is the third largest exporter in the world (only after China and the USA, two countries which are far more populated than the European one) and it has an unemployment of 5,6%.

Otherwise, to reduce its economic disparities a state can mirror in the example of France. France is a state-based economy with a very high minimum salary, a high unemployed payment and a very strong welfare state. France has one of the lowest inner regional disparities in Europe and in the world.

 The other main point to achieve an ideal society is to have a good political system. In Spain we have a Parliamentary Monarchy that is really inefficient. The head of state in Spain is a king, who has never been elected and who is not selected by a meritocratic system either, but only because he’s the son of the former king who was friend of a bloody dictator who ruled Spain for 36 dark years. On the other hand, it’s not true that any Republic would be cheaper than the monarchy, as many people in Spain assume. The presidential salary in Spain is lower than the one in most of our neighbour states. Moreover, most Republics also have to pay a chief of state different than the president, the Prime Minister. Salaries of the Prime Ministers all over Europe are higher than the Spanish King’s one. The reason why it’s preferable a Republic than a Monarchy is that the first option is far more efficient, democratic, modern and, in the Spanish case, it’s simply much more worthy for our grandparent’s memory.

 To sum up, an ideal society would be a Republic with a dense little business atmosphere despite conserving an interventionist system with a strong social security system to prevent high income disparities. If the state is a plurinational one it should recognize the right of self-determination of its nations. Spain is still far away from the ideal society I have exposed and it’s every day further from it. So, Catalan people are right when we say that if we have the chance to start a new country all the way from the start we shouldn’t miss out it. We wish a state where police defends its citizens and it doesn’t attack them.

 Despite the Spanish police violence, the “yes” option won in the referendum, so the government will soon proclaim independence. Our independence won’t be all problems’ solution, but it will be an opened door to achieve the ideal society we all wish. Now it’s the time to declare our independence. I would just say what Nike’s advert said: “Just DUI!” or something like that.

Genís Fibla i Costa
2nd BTX A

Monday, October 9, 2017


“Whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.”

I haven’t looked for a quote on Google or Tumblr, not even in Pinterest. Once you said we needed a title (which had to be a quote) for our wonderful composition about friendship, this sentence came to my mind. I know I could have looked for one that probably would be more common or more likely to an “Instagram quote”, the typical sentence you read above a photo of two friends, but I had to find one with a special meaning. That’s it. Without your friends, there’s no way something becomes legendary! When you share these moments with them, the things are legendary.

My quote is from the TV series “How I met your mother”.  I think you know what this series is about, but in case you don’t, it’s about Ted explaining all the story of how did he meet the mother of his children. The point is that he is really explaining that special relation he had with his friends, which I give you my word, is a true friendship. The quote I have chosen is said by Barney on the 9th season, in an episode called “Sunrise”.

Now let’s talk about the friendship. I don’t feel like there’s a “friends-code”. I mean, there are no “written” rules for choosing friends, or at least that is not my case. I don’t feel the need of accomplish some requirements to be the friend of someone. I find it so unpleasant! You have to be yourself, and to live friendships as you really feel. In my opinion, every friendship is different and people have their own way to make it special.

In addition, that’s probably the reason why I don’t like the term “best” friends. What does to have a bestie means? Are you supposed to privilege them on your other friends? Do they mean more than the others do? Every one of my friends is important, they mean a lot to me. If they are truly friends, I can count on them. I don’t like to feel “attached” to a particular person… There are times when you understand yourself better with some people, and there are times that it happens with other. So you are constantly changing and growing, and sometimes you feel better with some particular friends, just because you find yourself there. All my friends are my “besties” for me.

Moreover, some people are special to me. And I’ll explain it: we all have some special people in our lives. They won’t necessary be your age. In fact, they can be many years older than you. I’m referring to those people you can’t know exactly why but you could spend hours and hours talking, that people that you understand so perfectly. Even if you try to deny it, there’s at least one person in your life that feels like this to you. I don’t know why, they just feel special to me.
Therefore, I can say that for me friendship is unique in each case, and it lets you share amazing emotions with people, and to have many good memories you’ll never forget. Life brings you amazing people who are worth meeting, who help you so much and show many important lessons. So please, don’t give up on people so quickly, because you can miss out on something great.

This is the way I see friendship. It is an emotion, so everyone feels it on their own way, and it’s pretty difficult to show others what it means to you. I just hope it never ends.

Maria Maroto Amigó

Saturday, October 7, 2017


San Mateo del Gallego

This summer I was in a village next to Zaragoza called San Mateo del Gallego because I’ve got family there.

We went on holidays so there were a lot of parties, especial activities and fair!

The second day was the most important and the traditions never change so first there is a kind of parade with some floats. At the end all the people go in front of the Town Hall to start an eggs war, that’s so disgusting. 

When it finishes all the children go down in a kind of river that they call “azequia”, there I lost my flip-flop. At night there was a concert.

The other days were more normal.

It was so funny because it was the first time I was there during 7 or 8 years.



Friday, October 6, 2017


We have been learning 
IRREGULAR VERBS in our English class... 
and we have made some RAP SONGS with them ... Here you have our work,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


We are against violence 
Peace is the way!