Thursday, April 19, 2018


Once again, we want to congratulate 
our 2nd BATX students that finish school with their FCE or CAE certificate of the 
Cambridge exams.

They have worked hard and they've got their good results. 


And we want to wish good luck to the ones taking the exams now in May, sure they will do well!

KET - PET - FCE ( March exams )

This year so far we have some students that have already taken their Cambridge exams.

2nd ESO ones have passed
 their KET (A2) - PET (B1) 

And 4th ESO ones, the FCE (B2)

There is a big group 
taking their exams now in May, 
we wish them good luck 
and we'll inform you about their results.


STRIVE FOR  progress NOT  perfection

I have taken this quote because apart from being my favorite one, it also has lot of sense.

It says you have to work hard and give it all to improve and progress in your life to enjoy it and do what you want in a future and also to help your friends in their problems, because if you don’t work hard you won’t pass the obstacles in life and you won’t enjoy it either.

Remember, if you work hard, don’t do it to receive something in return, or to make your parents happy, you only have to work hard to be happy yourself and to have a better future.

But the most important part that says the quote, is that you don’t have to focus on being perfect and being the best in you class, in your group of friends… because if you focus only in that you are the best, you won’t see what is happening in the present and you will have lots of problems in life.

Also you won’t have friends if you don’t focus on them and you only think in yourself, and also if you try always to be centre of attention.


You only have to be yourself and work hard to have a better life and not to be the best.

2nd ESO

Sunday, March 18, 2018



Nowadays, we live in a society where our phones are constantly invading our personal space. Everyone has the idea that we have to be connected and available at every single minute of the day. In any case, new technologies have many advantages but also, plenty disadvantages.

First of all, the most important advantage is that new technologies connect us with the whole world. With a simple device -such as our smartphone, we can talk, chat, phone or have a video conference with a person who is far away. In addition, we can upload photos on the Internet with just a “click” and also comment on our friends’ photos. However, there’s a big disadvantage, a lot of people just think about posting the best photo or getting hundreds of likes, and this affects badly to their relationships. Lots of teenagers care more about their virtual friends than their real ones, and that’s a pity.

However, new technologies help us find the best information. We can easily access to any website and bookmark our favourite ones. In fact, everyday there are more persons who host blogs and write about amazing topics, such as fashion, sports, adventures, travels...

But this can be a disadvantage, because we can’t believe all that is posted online, nowadays everyone can write on the internet, so we’d better be careful and try to distinguish fake news from real ones. Moreover, new technologies have made our world easier. Today we can buy anything we want online, it’s very comfortable and fast. But we have to be careful because not all the websites are secure and legal, you may think it’s a good website but maybe they defraud you.

Summing up, new technologies help us and are really useful for us, but we can’t trust on everybody who is behind the screen. We have to be thankful of living in this technology era, but also, we have to realize all the possible problems if we don’t use them properly. So, what are you waiting for? Leave the phone and start living your life and enjoying every moment, talk to your friends face-to-face and leave your virtual life.    

4t ESO B

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Projecte CASA ÀSIA: "THE TIGER AND THE RABBIT" Joan, Nil, Arnau, Marc (2nd ESO)


Once upon a time there was a rabbit who lived in the jungle.

There was a big tiger who was chasing the rabbit. When the rabbit so the tiger he started running very fast. They were running around the jungle. The rabbit was very fast so the tiger had to run a lot.

The rabbit jumped over a tree, but the tiger didn't notice that the tree was there, so he crashed against it.

The tiger hurt his leg and the rabbit stopped running. He didn't know what to do, he could help the tiger or he could continue running. Finally, he stopped running and he helped the tiger.

When the tiger got better they became friends and the tiger never ate rabbits again.


Projecte CASA ÀSIA: "THE PICKY COW" Joana, Mar, Mònica and Alba (2nd ESO)


Once upon a time, a cow called Lulu was eating on a prairie, when a snake came to talk to her.

The snake asked:

- Can I be your friend?

And the cow answered:

- No, you can't, you are very fast!

The snake, so sad, went away. The cow continued eating.  Suddenly, a funny ant appeared in the grass. The ant, very excited, asked the cow:

- Hi cow, I was wondering if you could be my friend.

The cow said:

- Of course not! You are so tiny! Go away!

The ant, crying, kept walking.

After that, a monkey that look very sad, started eating with her. The cow, so surprised, said:

- What are you doing here eating my grass?

The monkey answered:

- Up, on the trees, I feel alone and I'm so bored. I hope you can be my friend.

Obviously, the cow said:

- Let me think.... NO! You are stupid!

An hour later, the cow was walking through the forest when she saw a group of animals laughing together. They were the animals that she had met before.

She thought that they were having a good time so she asked if she could be their friend:

- Let us think .... of course! You can! But think what you have said to us before!!


Projecte CASA ÀSIA: "STEVE THE DINOSAUR" Dante, Quim, Maria, Júlia (2nd ESO)


Once upon a time there was a very big dinosaur called Steve that lived next to a very small city compared with him: Lego City.

One day Steve decided to visit the city to have a great time looking at the people, but it was a chaos. Everything was destroyed, all the people were looking at him with scary faces. But it wasn't his fault, he couldn't control himself.

Suddenly the mayor came out and saw all the chaos, then he said to Steve he had to go out of the city and never to return again.

Then, a girl appeared and shouted:
- Steve! Don't go away. All of us have made a mistake in our lives! We can build you and your wife a new house!

Then, the citizens, amazed by the speech of the girl, accepted Steve in the city and wanted to put the mayor into prison.

From then on, all the people and dinosaurs lived in harmony forever.